There was a thing going around the internet for a while where people made plans to do 17 things throughout the year. I thought it was a neat idea and I like the list that I came up with. I know that I should have posted this January 1st but I have decided that January was my free trial month and that 2017 starts today. Here are my 17 for 2017.

1. Learn to cook a signature dish.
2. Improve my handwriting.
3. Be in family pictures.

4. Internet free lent.
5. Visit a national park.
6. Watch a sunrise with the kids.
7. Learn to sing a classic Spanish song.
8. Do 100 pushups without stopping.
9. Run 5 miles without stopping.
10. Leave notes with positive thoughts on random cars.
11. Master the Tai Cheng sequence.
12. Develop a morning and evening yoga routine.
13. Pay off one credit card.
14. No new TV shows for 2017. I currently have 2 and one has been cancelled.
15. Become better acquainted with the Old Testament.
16. Spend a weekend at the beach.
17. Take a drawing course.