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Spanish Lessons Through Literature

I had not originally intended to teach my children to read in Spanish until they were older but my son had other plans when it came to his academics, as per usual. I was fortunate to learn about a new program called Spanish Lessons Through Literature which is right up my son’s alley.

There are several courses available by Renai Ruiz, aka Maestra Renai. We’ve only taken the alphabet class which is FREE, (Oops! Apparently not free anymore due to company policy) and the shapes class, which is less free but awfully close! This woman knows her Spanish and you can pay a lot more to get a lot less. Not only was she professional and fun, but the class had other students and was interactive! As soon as we signed on two of the students began talking about a class they had taken previously together, despite the fact that these children lived in separate states. John (6) who adores geography thought that was just fabulous.

The shapes class covered shapes as the main content, but each class begins and ends with a song which would be nice to memorize and sing in the car. So much material is covered that the teacher emails you a handout to review and further explain content.


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