As I’ve stated before me encanta viejos textos y estoy trandando de raise my children bilingual. I love the books by Emma Serl, Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons, and decided buscar el equivalente espanol, but I found a whole lot more and thought podria ser bueno compartir. Here is lo mejor de what I found mas simple a mas complejo.

Traditional Texts

Beginning with grammar First Spanish BookNew First Spanish book or Primer Libro de Espanol is a beginning book that focuses on explicit instruction, lots of examples and student accuracy. Bibliografía de La Gramática y Lexicografía Castellanas, y Sus Estudios Afines is a Castilian grammar text that starts at the beginning while Curiosidades Gramaticales, Gramática Ampliada del Idioma Español y Sus Dialectos and Maraña Del Idioma; Critica Lexicográfica y Gramatical both appear to be advanced Spanish grammars. The Principles of Grammar: Being a Compendious Treatise on the Languages, English, Latin, Greek, German, Spanish, and French is a totally awesome thingy I found and I just had to share!

Next up is composition. Elementary Spanish Prose is an English text intended to teach beginning Spanish composition while Manual de Composicion Literaria and Elementos de Literatura: Retórica i Poética both seem to be aimed at the high school/college crowd. Filosofía de la Composición de Edgar Allan Poe is also a thing.

A Phonetic Spanish Reader is… a phonetic Spanish reader, Primer Libro de Lectura is a reader with a heavy focus on vocabulary acquisition and Primeras Lecturas en Español focuses on culture.

Spanish Literature, A Primer with only 152 pages is an English chronological survey of Spanish literature that could easily be started in middle school. Estudios de Crítica Literaria, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5Miscelánea Literaria, Política i Relijiosa, and Volume 2, and finally Trozos Selectos de Literatura y Método de Composicion Literaria, Sacados de Autores Arjentinos y Estranjeros are all anthologies.

History of The Spanish Language and Art

Orígenes de la Lengua Española is about the origins and evolution of the language whereas Historia de la Lengua y Literatura Españolas is more about Spanish writings. Primer Diccionario General Etimologico de la Lengua Espanola looks pretty cool but I don’t have the time to really play with it right now. It is huge and while I love the idea of it the print is very fine and I’m not sure it’s usable after being scanned. Primer Almanaque Histórico, Artístico y Monumental de la República Mexicana is filled with illustrations and looks muy interesante.