I have used the phrase “this book changed my life” far too often to read as little as I do. I’m dyslexic so my reading is slow and as a mother my time is precious but if I have the time to check social media then I have the time to read a book dagnabbit!  I saw on pinterest where a woman intended to run 100 miles. Not 100 miles at once or 5 miles 3 days a week, just 100 miles. She had a little chart where she would cross off each mile after she’d conquered it. I simply adore the idea of something so quantifiable without a due date so I chose 100 books.

The Ground Rules
  • Must be cover to cover.
  • Books I’m already reading count once finished.
  • The Bible counts as 4 (Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, NT).
  • Reread books count.
  • Audio books don’t.
  • Books for school don’t count unless they are of considerable length.
  • The same book in 2 languages counts once for each language (I’m reading the Bible in English, Greek & Spanish, but don’t hold your breath for the Greek).
The Books

I’m not making a list or choosing categories, I’m just going to read what I want to read in that moment. I’ve begun with Simplicity Parenting and will update every 10 books.