Luberry Christian Prep is a classical school with a strong focus on Spanish which is read and spoken every day. We are heavily influenced by the ideas presented in The Well Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer as well as the ideas often attributed to Charlotte Mason including short lessons, the formation of habits, nature study, and “living books” as opposed to text books.

I have several goals for our children in mind as we push forward including a deep understanding of scripture and a biblical worldview, the ability to reason, a true knowledge in the areas of history and science, a decent understanding of mathematics and writing, and an appreciation for the arts.

Our Curriculum for The Primary Grades

Language Arts: La Pata Pita followed by Reading Lessons Through Literature with Evan-Moor Grammar and Brave Writer. The Brave Writer lifestyle of nature study, art and music appreciation, narration and copywork lends itself well to bilingual instruction. Memory work includes phonograms and spelling rules from Reading Lessons Through Literature, grammar rules from Micheal Clay Thompson and poetry from various sources.

Math: Ray’s Arithmetic with the AL Abacus. Memory work is simply the four operations and skip counting at this point. We also use the Math Mammoth Dark Blue series when he becomes interested in something outside of Ray’s sequence.

Greek: We’re using Hey Andrew with additional copywork. Memory work will eventually include grammar but so far is restricted to New Testament vocabulary.

Japanese: Homemade character practice with Rapid Japanese and eventually Pimsleur, utilizing our audio resources as memory work.

Bible: Explorer’s Bible Study followed by Bible Study Guide For All Ages all the while using Heroes For Young Readers and various evening devotionals. Memory work is chosen from the KJV, the LBLA and Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

History & Geography: We were interest led until 1st grade when we began the Story of the Word series with the Activity Guides. We use Story of the Word review questions and ANKI geography drills for memory work.

Science:  Science was interest led until 1st grade as well when we began the Apologia series. Review questions are used for memory work and we now have  a collaborative nature journal.

The Arts: We began with Drawing With Children and now have lined up the first 3 Artistic Pursuits books with Story of the World. We also read Mike Venezia’s Artist and Composer series and have an hour of free drawing daily.