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Striving to capture our homeschool adventure as we endeavor to walk the narrow path.

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My name is Rachel. I’m a Christian wife, classical homeschool mom and fitness fanatic who is trying to raise bilingual children as a non-native speaker. So far I’m a mother to John (7), Mary (4) and Alex (1). You can’t expect too much from me with such littles but I thought this would be a fun way to document our journey. I also plan to share my experiences as a mother that I believe will benefit others, and I might occasionally write about fitness, fasting, paleo, minimalism and Bullet Journals, because there’s not enough of that on the internet, right?

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  1. Thank you for uploading the video informing of the nature of abortion. Even though it is difficult to watch, I think that it is something everyone should see.. as young as highschoolers. I’m going to brainstorm ways of informing people in my local community. Life is too beautiful to squander.

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