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My Favorite Philosophies of Education

All Subjects:

Short lessons & Narration.

Students are to design their own books about what they’ve learned.

A biblical worldview taught throughout all subject areas.


Not to be dumbed down or skipped through.

Memorize and recite regularly.


Teach with living books & in chronological order.

History & Geography taught simultaneously with Art & Music Appreciation taught within historical timelines.

An understanding of History, its effects, and the reasons behind it takes precedence over the memorization of historical data.


Nature Study with notebooking & art journaling.

Living books are a must.

Language Arts:

A focus on Greek & Latin.

Poetry, Shakespeare & great literature to be read and memorized.

Utilizing classic texts to teach a biblical worldview.


A firm understanding of why.

Manipulatives, games & living books.

A combination of the mastery and spiral approach.

An emphasis on mental math.

The Arts:

Handicrafts over macaroni art.

Multiple instruments should be taught.

Drama & Dance should also be emphasized.

Allow for the freedom of expression.


Multiple languages should be taught.

Regularly listen to & read other languages.


A focus on Logic & Socratic Discussion.

No electronics, internet, computers, calculators etc. for younger students.

These ideas are taken from Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Waldorf, as well as some of my own ramblings.

Test Post

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

-Albert Einstein

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