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Free Vintage Spanish Texts

As I’ve stated before me encanta viejos textos y estoy trandando de raise my children bilingual. I love the books by Emma Serl, Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons, and decided buscar el equivalente espanol, but I found a whole lot more and thought podria ser bueno compartir. Here is lo mejor de what I found mas simple a mas complejo.

Traditional Texts

Beginning with grammar First Spanish BookNew First Spanish book or Primer Libro de Espanol is a beginning book that focuses on explicit instruction, lots of examples and student accuracy. Bibliografía de La Gramática y Lexicografía Castellanas, y Sus Estudios Afines is a Castilian grammar text that starts at the beginning while Curiosidades Gramaticales, Gramática Ampliada del Idioma Español y Sus Dialectos and Maraña Del Idioma; Critica Lexicográfica y Gramatical both appear to be advanced Spanish grammars. The Principles of Grammar: Being a Compendious Treatise on the Languages, English, Latin, Greek, German, Spanish, and French is a totally awesome thingy I found and I just had to share!

Next up is composition. Elementary Spanish Prose is an English text intended to teach beginning Spanish composition while Manual de Composicion Literaria and Elementos de Literatura: Retórica i Poética both seem to be aimed at the high school/college crowd. Filosofía de la Composición de Edgar Allan Poe is also a thing.

A Phonetic Spanish Reader is… a phonetic Spanish reader, Primer Libro de Lectura is a reader with a heavy focus on vocabulary acquisition and Primeras Lecturas en Español focuses on culture.

Spanish Literature, A Primer with only 152 pages is an English chronological survey of Spanish literature that could easily be started in middle school. Estudios de Crítica Literaria, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5Miscelánea Literaria, Política i Relijiosa, and Volume 2, and finally Trozos Selectos de Literatura y Método de Composicion Literaria, Sacados de Autores Arjentinos y Estranjeros are all anthologies.

History of The Spanish Language and Art

Orígenes de la Lengua Española is about the origins and evolution of the language whereas Historia de la Lengua y Literatura Españolas is more about Spanish writings. Primer Diccionario General Etimologico de la Lengua Espanola looks pretty cool but I don’t have the time to really play with it right now. It is huge and while I love the idea of it the print is very fine and I’m not sure it’s usable after being scanned. Primer Almanaque Histórico, Artístico y Monumental de la República Mexicana is filled with illustrations and looks muy interesante.


Curriculum and Routine For 1st Grade and PreK

We plan to start school July 31st and we’re trying out sabbath schooling which is school for 6 weeks followed by a week long break. I’ve changed my mind again (I do that) and we’re starting our first history cycle with Story of The World and corresponding Artistic Pursuits lessons. We’ll also be doing interest-led science as well as Bible as a family while keeping the skill subjects separate. Además, I’ve been completely revamping our Spanish studies. John is my writer and lover of languages while Mary wants to do school with her older brother but is not interested in a challenge at this time.


John: Reading Lessons Through LiteratureEvan-Moor Grammar & Punctuation and homemade copywork.

Together: Jot It Down including poetry memorization, word play, big juicy conversations and story telling.


John: Getting Started With Spanish as an introduction to grammar and daily copywork.

Mary: Learning to read in Spanish first using Fluent Forever’s Pronunciation Trainer.

Together: Fluent Forever lifestyle utilizing homemade ANKI decks, Salsa (free), radio, and a literature list to be determined. We will continue to pull from this list as we’ve loved all of it so far. 


John: Song School Greek


John: He’s taken an interest in Japanese which is not only a total shocker, but a completely foreign language to me which I have extremely little experience with. I’m going to work on the hiragana alphabet with him while I get my barrings.


John: School Arithmetics Book 1 ($Free)

Mary: After she finishes MEP Reception she will move on to Singapore Earlybird.


Together: Explorer’s Bible Study with varied evening devotionals and Heroes for Young Readers with the Activity Guide.


John: Selected Readings From The Well Trained Mind and Story of the World.

Together: Story of The World Volume I with the Activity Guide.


John: Let’s Read and Find Out Level 1 and Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1.

Together: Apologia Astronomy as a read aloud only and audiobooks by Thornton Burgess ($ | Free).


Together: Artistic Pursuits will be done formally alongside Story of The World because the K-3 series is in chronological order, but my children have constant access to art supplies and how to books which tend to occupy much of their free time. We are also reading through the artist and composer series by Mike Venezia.

Teacher Resources

The Well Trained MindHandbook of Nature Study ($ | Free), Knowing & Teaching Elementary MathematicsFluent ForeverJot It Down, and The Ultimate Homeschool Planner.

The Routine

They wake up around 7 after I’ve had my personal Bible time and worked out. We typically grab a quick snack, read some poetry and head out the door for a two mile nature walk. If we decide that’s not a good idea they take advantage of the aforementioned art supplies, GeoPuzzles, Snap Circuits or library books while I play around on the computer get housework done.

After our walk we have a well deserved, protein rich breakfast while John or I lead the devotional and we go over new memory work. Right now we’re learning 10,000 Razones, The Ten Commandments Poem, and family phone numbers.

Following is showers and and the baby takes a nap while we have screen time (gasp!). Usually John plays with Google Earth or Adobe Illustrator while Mary watches, or they watch Magic School Bus in Spanish.

After the baby has effectively fallen asleep we have school. I get John started on things he can do solo first so I can work with Mary for about 5 minutes before John and I finish up. Then we listen to music, audiobooks, or recorded memory work while I do housework.

Sometime around 11 we all get back together for yoga, read alouds, and structured activities like science projects or art until lunch, followed by quiet time.

Spanish Lessons Through Literature

I had not originally intended to teach my children to read in Spanish until they were older but my son had other plans when it came to his academics, as per usual. I was fortunate to learn about a new program called Spanish Lessons Through Literature which is right up my son’s alley.

There are several courses available by Renai Ruiz, aka Maestra Renai. We’ve only taken the alphabet class which is FREE, (Oops! Apparently not free anymore due to company policy) and the shapes class, which is less free but awfully close! This woman knows her Spanish and you can pay a lot more to get a lot less. Not only was she professional and fun, but the class had other students and was interactive! As soon as we signed on two of the students began talking about a class they had taken previously together, despite the fact that these children lived in separate states. John (6) who adores geography thought that was just fabulous.

The shapes class covered shapes as the main content, but each class begins and ends with a song which would be nice to memorize and sing in the car. So much material is covered that the teacher emails you a handout to review and further explain content.

Free & Cheap Spanish Resources

Getting Started With Spanish by William E. Linney and Antonio L. Orta is a fantastic resource of 177 lessons of mostly grammar that take less than five minutes per day. It’s mastery based, and I believe could be appropriate for children as young as kindergarten. The author provides free pronunciation resources at

Learn Spanish Vocabulary 101, by Innovative Language is free and comes with a free audio download from

You can typically buy very inexpensive flash cards to develop vocabulary at your local educational store, and I personally am interested in The Complete Book of Starter Spanish and The Complete Book of Spanish for my young children.

Free Spanish Readers For Kindle:

An Elementary Spanish Reader, by Earl Stanley Harrison

Heath’s Modern Language Series:  The Spanish American Reader, by Ernesto Nelson, and Spanish Short Stories

A First Spanish Reader, by Alfred Remy

And most importantly:

The Library!

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